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Use Social Media Strategically

Organic strategies for coaches & consultants
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Are you ready to show up confidently and consistently so you can build your community on social media?

The Process

We have curated a simple process that will help you achieve your goals.

Going through this step by step process will ensure that you get the service that you need and the answers to your burning questions. 

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Step 1: Discovery Call

All clients must go through a Discovery Call. This call is to ensure that we will work together well and ensure that we are providing the service that will fulfill your actual need. 

Here we will discuss your current struggles and goals then guide you to the solution for you. 


Step 2: Strategy Session

Your Strategy Session will be a 60 minute phone call to help you solve your problem. You will be guided on strategies that will help you reach your goals through organic social media. 

This is a video call and will be recorded and emailed to you so we can stay focused during the call and not have to take notes. 


Step 3: Accountability Calls

We like to ensure that you stay on track. Having the strategies is one thing but implementing them is a whole ‘nother story! I get it!

You will receive (4) 20-minute accountability calls where you will have the opportunity to ask your questions and we will check on your progress.


Social Media Strategy

Start with a Discovery Call so we can uncover your passion, discover your goals, and curate your next steps for showing up more confidently on social media.