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Building Your Community

Start building a brand community of people that GET YOU, GET YOU! Like, they enjoy the music, movies, and shows that you like and read the same types of books you read, and even enjoy spending their Friday nights exactly how you do! Are you ready to build you tribe? 

My Story

Serving business women has always been my thing! I’ve always wanted to help them but I just didn’t know how I could it.  

While researching and learning how to use social media for my, then, business I decided that social media was exactly what I needed to master in order to serve women all over the world. 

I started by serving women in the Charlotte, NC area helping them with all parts of social media and later understood more of exactly what they need. I began researching and developing new engagement strategies to help these women increase their connections with people on social media that needed them rather than just focusing on selling and ads.

I have found that many businesses focus so much on sales that they forget about the people that are actually patronizing their business. For me, it’s all about the people that I have the opportunity to serve and impact every day! 

“I hired Kambre as Social Community Manager to effectively engage my Instagram audience in the tone & personality of my brand. People are shocked when I tell them it’s not me responding because she absolutely nailed taking on my exact tone. I love how she takes time to continue engaging with the same love and care that I do to keep my Womeneur tribe loyal, trusting and wonderfully engaged! Well done Kambre, you definitely have a happy customer!”

Brands I’ve Worked With

I hired Kambré as  my social media manager for my business. She does very good job more than what I expected, she is the best social media manager! She brings so many ideas and  responds to e-mails and text messages. She always keeps in  contact with me to update me on the information that i have to know and always communicates with me. Best experience ever!!